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The didgital media craze is the future…
Your business future is now, mobile media has taken the country by storm.
Do not be left behind without the new-aged marketing platform.

Sure your clients, customers and prospects can search social media in an attempt to locate your contact information. They also may find your competitor’s information first and there goes your sale right out in cyberspace, never to be seen again.

Most people loose your paper business card or toss it in a box or a drawer. Place your card right on their mobile device’s home screen for instant access to your information.

MyCard FYI See What It Can Do For You! Features List Why Do You Need it? Marketing, plain and simple!
Place your business information in the hand of others.
Instant accessibility to you and the abillity for them to share it. Identity Enjoy your choice of a public searchable URL such as your.name.mycard.fyi
Go incognito with a coded URL fjh53ojow.mycard.fyi
Want more privacy? We offer Password Protected Access. Identity Design Stand Out in the crowd!
Custom matched to your business card or website. Choose a sleek elegant look instead.[/builder_content]